Google acquires

Google has acquired, a UK based price finance companies price comparison site, for £37.7 million.

The notice on reads as follows:

“ today was sold to Google for £37.7 million. We think this deal is a tremendous opportunity for our company to develop new and innovative options for personal finance in the UK.
Our team is excited about becoming a part of Google. We look forward to working with their engineers to create new tools making it easier for consumers to choose the right financial products. We think we can offer more transparency and better pricing information than existing online offerings.

We are confident that by combining’s expertise in UK financial products with Google’s technology, we’ll accelerate innovation in this field, benefiting consumers and the companies offering these products. We plan to keep working with our current partners and look forward to working with new ones, too.

John Paleomylite
Managing Director”

UK, London & USA, Palo Alto, CA

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