Google acquires Quiksee

Reported in Israeli newspaper website Haaretz and confirmed on the Quiksee website, Quicksee has been acquired by Google. Haaretz estimates the deal at $10 million. Quiksee allows users to create location-based interactive media content.

The Quiksee announcement

We are delighted to announce that Quiksee has been acquired by Google! We’ve learned a lot from our previous work at Quiksee, and we look forward to bringing our experience, creativity and insight to Google. Both Google and Quiksee share the same innovative vision, and while we can’t share any future product plans, we look forward to the opportunity to contribute and do great things together in the future. We’ll be joining the Google Geo team and hope to have news for you soon. Stay tuned!

In April DigiNet reported that Google acquired Israeli startup LabPixies in April for between $15 and $25 million.

Israel, Or Yehuda & USA, Mountain View, CA

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