Online photo editor Picnik Acquired by Google

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-352
Acquirer:  Google
ACQ Web:
Location:  USA, California
Region:  North Amerca
Description:  Internet search, e-mail, online mapping, office productivity, social networking, video sharing
Category:  Search
Contact 1:  Eric E. Schmidt, Chairman & CEO
Contact 2:  Brian Axe, Product Management Director  
Vendor:  Picnik
Vendor Web:
Other Web Links: Blog
Location:  USA, Seattle, WA
Region:  North America
Description:  Picnik gives users the power to edit digital photos in their browser, without having to purchase or download complicated software.
Category: Photography
Contact 1:  Jonathan Sposato, CEO
Contact 2:  Darrin Massena, Co-Founder, CTO
Contact 3:  Mike Harrington, Co-Founder, COO
Aprox. Value:  Undisclosed
Details:  Google has acquired Picnik. Google says in it’s blog that they are not announcing any significant changes to Picnik, though they will be working  on integration and new features. They also say that they will continue supporting all existing Picnik partners so that users will continue to be able to add their photos from other photo sharing sites, make edits in the cloud and then save and share to all relevant networks.

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