Social search engine Aardvark has been acquired by Google

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-325
Acquirer:  Google
ACQ Web:
Location:  USA, California
Region:  North Amerca
Description:  Internet search, e-mail, online mapping, office productivity, social networking, video sharing
Category:  Search
Contact 1:  Eric E. Schmidt, Chairman & CEO
Contact 2:  Sergey M. Brin, Technology President
Contact 3:  Lawrence E. Page, Products President 
Vendor:  Aardvark
Vendor Web:
Other Web Links: Blog, Facebook
Location:  USA, San Francisco, CA
Region:  North Amerca
Description:  Aardvark was founded in late 2007. According to Aarvark, the company was was conceived as the first Social Search engine: a way to find people, not web pages, that have specific information.

Category: Search
Contact 1:  Max Ventilla, CEO, co founder
Contact 2:  Rob Spiro, Co-Founder
Contact 3:  Damon Horowitz, Co-Founder
Contact 4:  Nathan Stoll, Co-Founder
Aprox. Value:  Approximately $50,000,000
Details:  Social search engine Aardvark has been acquired by GoogleAardvark will continue to run over IM and email, on the Aardvark Mobile iPhone app, and on Aardvark team will continue working together within Google.

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