SponsorPay Acquires GratisPay

The Fusion Team have completed over 70 digital and media transactions for its private, corporate and private equity clients. For more information contact pkelly@fusioncorp.co.uk or visit our website
FDN Database Reference:  F231109-351
Acquirer:  SponsorPay
ACQ Web:  http://www.sponsorpay.com
Location:  Germany, Berlin
Region:  Europe
Description:  SponsorPay GmbH was established in April 2009 by Team Europe Ventures, Jan Beckers and Janis Zech. The company currently employs a staff of 35 people. SponsorPay’s innovative payment
system gives online gamers free access to premium content such as virtual currencies and items.
Category:  Games, Payments
Contact 1:  Andreas Bodczek, CEO, Co-Founder
Contact 2:  Jan Beckers, Managing Director & Head of Publisher Relations, Co-Founder
Contact 3:  Mathias Kutzner, Head of Technology, Co-Founder
Contact 4: Janis Zech, Head of Advertiser Relations and Operations & Co-Founder
Contact 5:  Lukasz Gadowski, Partner at Team Europe Ventures
Vendor:  GratisPay
Vendor Web:  http://www.gratispay.com
Location:  Germany, Hamburg
Region:  Europe
Description:  Virtual currency monetization company for social applications and online games.
Category: Games, Payments
Contact 1:  Arne Bleckwenn, Joint Managing Director
Contact 2:  Hinrich Dreiling, oint Managing Director

Aprox. Value:  Undisclosed
Details:  Team Europe Ventures company SponsorPay has acquired GratisPay. The consolidation of the two enterprises creates Europe’s leading provider of advertisement-based payment systems, monetizing virtually all of the major European online and social games publishers.Both companies were founded in 2009.
Link: Press Release

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