Yahoo! acquires mobile app creator Alike

YahooYahoo! has acquired Alike, a mobile app that helps people find nearby restaurants and places they’ll like. Alike makes money through affiliate partnerships with third-party providers that aggregate deals for local venues.

Here is how Alike announced the acquisition.

At Alike, we’ve spent the last couple of years working hard to build amazing mobile experiences to delight our customers, which is alike_logo_coral-4fdb275b8fa65a199fecac60239886c7why we’re thrilled to announce some big news: we’re joining Yahoo! Mobile.

We’ve always been passionate about the growing power of intelligent mobile experiences. We believe that distilled information, deeply personalized and made accessible anytime and anywhere, is what makes mobile experiences a part of our customers’ daily lives.

In Yahoo! we’ve found a team as excited about this vision as we are, and who are serious about making it real. We’re super excited to join Yahoo!’s mobile team, where we can march toward that vision faster than ever.

As of today, we will no longer support the Alike Nearby iPhone and Web apps. Thank you to all our customers, partners, investors, and advisors who’ve supported us from day one! We’ve taken a big step on our journey, and we could not have done it without your support.

Looking forward to starting our new chapter at Yahoo!

USA, Sunnydale, CA

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