Lagardère completes its hostile takeover of LeGuide

The Lagardère group has succeeded in a hostile takeover of Lagardère announced on Monday that they have acquired “more than the majority of the share capital of online shopping company at the end of the voluntary public offer.”

Lagardère had initially offered €24 per share. this was raised to €28 per share valuing the company at €98.2 million. According to a report in LeExpress, in 2011 made a net profit of €500K on a turnover of €28.2 million and the stock market had values the business at €88 million before the new offering.

The announcement said, “By acquiring for a reasonable price a profitable and fast growing company, which is no.1 in Europe in the price comparison business, Lagardère Active strengthens its position on the performance based monetization market, and thus confirms its strategy of digitalization and its positioning on creation and monetization of audiences.”

France, Paris

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