Omnicom Group’s Diversified Agency Services acquires licensing agency Nancy Bailey & Associates

Omnicom Group’s Diversified Agency Services (DAS) has acquired Atlanta-based Nancy Bailey and Associates.  The agency, which was founded by Nancy Bailey in 1982, is one of the industry’s most successful corporate licensing firms.  Nancy Bailey & Associates will become a division of DAS’s Beanstalk, the leading global brand licensing agency and consultancy.  Nancy Bailey has been named a vice chairman of Beanstalk and will report directly to Beanstalk’s president and CEO Michael Stone.

“Nancy Bailey & Associates and Beanstalk are without question the two preeminent brand licensing agencies in the world.  Not only have they both been true pioneers in corporate licensing but they both continue to innovate and push the industry forward with their creativity and leadership,” said Tom Harrison, CEO of DAS.  “Together, they form the biggest, most experienced, successful and innovative licensing agency in the world.”

The new relationship allows Beanstalk and Nancy Bailey & Associates to combine their talents, expertise and relationships to better serve both agencies’ Fortune 100 clients including The Procter & Gamble Company.  Currently, both Beanstalk and Nancy Bailey & Associates represent a number of P&G brands.  The new combined entity will consolidate the agency P&G representation into one fully integrated global team across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

“Nancy Bailey has been both a good friend and fierce competitor for more than 25 years and there is no one in the industry outside of Beanstalk, for whom I have more respect or admiration,” said Michael Stone, president and CEO of Beanstalk.  “The merger of Nancy Bailey & Associates with Beanstalk is truly game changing for our businesses and for the licensing industry as a whole.”  

“I have been in the licensing business a long time and I can truly say that there is no organization other than Beanstalk with which I would rather merge my company,” said Nancy Bailey.  “Michael and his team have consistently been at the forefront of our industry, helping to raise the visibility of licensing as a strategic marketing tool through thought leadership and an incredibly impressive portfolio of work.  Combining our companies’ talent and experience will have a major impact in the industry and we are excited about the future together.” 

USA, New York, NY & Atlanta, GA

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