Wilmot abandons plans to make an offer for Centaur

centaurOn 24th September Geoffrey Wilmot, the former chief executive of Centaur Media plc, said that he was in talks with financial backers about making a bid for the Centaur business. He had until 5.00pm on Tuesday 22nd October to clarify his intentions, by either announcing a firm intention to make an offer or that he does not intend to make an offer.

Since then, Wilmot has engaged with an extended number of finance providers and these discussions have progressed significantly.

However, a stock market statement issued today said, “It has become apparent that the Board of Centaur’s views on the value of the Company materially diverge from those of Mr Wilmot and his potential financing partners. Accordingly Mr. Wilmot confirms that he currently does not intend to make an offer for Centaur.”

Geoff Wilmot left Centaur in May this year.

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