Evolve Media Corp acquires Crowd Ignite

Evolve Media Corp., an integrated digital media company, has acquired Crowd Ignite, a premium content exchange engine with proprietary technology that contextually connects audiences of similar interests, thereby growing a publisher’s audience base of valuable engaged users.

Crowd Ignite enables premium publishers within defined audience verticals to share their content within a closed network, thereby exposing their content to quality, relevant users on other sites and allowing them to acquire new, engaged users and grow their audience. The Crowd Ignite technology is able to track which pieces of content within a site are the most popular, present it to users on sites within the network and then dynamically optimize the landing page in a way that presents the content they are most likely to want to consume. Crowd Ignite has over 300 publishers participating across such verticals as women, fashion, parenting, movies, gaming, and male-lifestyle.

“Evolve Media Corp. focuses, as a company, on tapping into and activating engagement and conversations around popular, passionate points of interest or affinities among Internet users,” said David Denton, Vice President of Product Management for Evolve Media Corp. “With Crowd Ignite we are able to expose users to additional high-quality, relatable content; therefore they consume more content, stay longer, and are generally more engaged.”

The Crowd Ignite team, which consists of account managers, business development, sales and engineering, will continue to run day-to-day operations post acquisition. Crowd Ignites’ founder and creator, Jake Moilanen, will continue with the company acting as Managing Director of Crowd Ignite.

USA, Los Angeles, CA


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