CatchFree has acquired customer analytics platform KISSinsights

CatchFree, a free online service for comparing apps based on detailed customer feedback, has acquired KISSinsights from KISSmetrics, a customer analytics platform.

KISSinsights is a micro-surveying tool that enables online businesses to easily ask website users questions as they are making decisions, the crucial point at which they are likely to remember their motivation for making the decisions.

KISSmetrics and CatchFree CEO Sean Ellis have long collaborated in the survey space, launching in 2009 a free customer development survey together on that has helped thousands of companies identify and understand their most passionate customers.

“Understanding customer feedback and motivation is a powerful way to drive breakthrough ideas for improving customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates,” said Ellis. “Several months ago we discovered that publishers on CatchFree were getting more value from the insights we uncovered than the traffic we could send. With requests for a more elegant way to collect feedback and the ability to ask custom questions, it became clear that we needed something like KISSinsights.”

USA, Newport Beach, CA

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