Max Media Group to Acquire and related assets

Max Media Group has agreed to acquire control of the assets of (“BB2”) and the company’s technology applications including Internet Radio Protocol, IPTV, VOIP and SMS text messaging. The Definitive Agreement also includes the acquisition of BB2’s film and music library, BB2’s approximate 15 million subscribers and (includes a complete social networking site as well as numerous unique URLs for future development). The acquisition is being acquired for debt and Preferred Stock.

Max Media sees this acquisition as not only a perfect fit to its current business model, but one that has added instant exponential growth to its revenue stream, content, service offerings, subscribers and user traffic. The BB2 acquisition positions Max Media as a social media content and revenue solution for its sites as well as existing internet sites and communities. Through BB2, the Company will offer a multitude of convenient, cutting edge and varied technologies – including email, live internet video exchange, video web chat, music streaming, movie streaming, video online telephony, conference calling, SMS texting and coupon cellphone delivery.

James Grady, President & CEO of Max Media Group, Inc., stated, “The magnitude of this acquisition to the future and growth of Max Media can not be underestimated. The potential revenue streams from the technology as well as the subscriber base of 15 million within the Max Media Network are unlimited. Our revenue and growth will be a function of how quickly we can implement the various revenue models that this acquisition presents.”

Grady continued, “Controlling our excitement and patience while launching these services, partnerships and advertising strategies will prove to be our biggest challenge. The 15 million subscribers are an untapped goldmine of demographics. If you look at the subscribers as a list of names, then all you have is a lead list. But within the Max Media model coupled with BB2 technology and all its components, this is a virtual annuity of revenue streams.” Various research groups have valued subscribers as high as $90 per in synergistic advertising campaigns.

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