Max Media Group acquires

Max Media Group has acquired, an investigative reporting-focused company providing the latest news about Homeland Security, America’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and the 9-11 conspiracy.

James Grady CEO of MXMI. stated, “Wes and brings a valuable asset in our news and information division. Wes’ contacts both domestic and abroad give him access to very high level officials that enable him to create exclusive breaking news in the fight against terrorism. This acquisition is another example of our business model and how we will continue to grow. We seek companies and content producers to add value to our growing media network! ”

Wesley T. Rodgers founder of PatriotsTV stated, “I am excited to be part of the Max Media team! After lengthy conversations with Jim about the MXMI plan I was convinced that we share the same vision about how news and information will be presented and consumed. The ability to combine the written word with pictures and video surely is the future in journalism. ”

Additionally, Grady addressed recent activity regarding MXMI share structure and shareholders concerns by stating, “There has been speculation amongst shareholders that the Company issued stock and sold shares. The increase in our float was caused by removal of a restrictive legend on shares issued for an acquisition 14 months ago. The acquisition was for Twenty (20) Million shares and the shares have been held well past the 12 month required holding period. The Company has not nor does it intend to participate in any so-called death spiral or “free-trading” share-based financings. Any issuance of securities will be under Rule 144 for both acquisitions and or potential financings. Consultants, employees and other third party providers will also only receive stock under Rule 144. “

Grady continued, “We value our shares and the role they play in our acquisition strategy. With all the acquisition opportunities before us and that we are in the final stages of completing, it would not be in the Company’s best interest to do anything destructive to our share structure. It is our intent to continue on an aggressive, shareholder-friendly growth strategy to fuel our revenue model.

USA, Palm Harbor, FL

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