Max Media Group to acquire

Max Media Group is to acquire majority control of the assets of and the company’s technology applications including Internet Radio Protocol, Internet Television, VOIP and SMS text messaging.  Additionally, Max Media Group will be acquiring BB2’s movie library. The assets include BB2’s approximate 15 million subscribers and users of its various services.

In the last 3 years over $3.5mm has been invested in developing BB2’s technology and building its subscriber/user base.

Max Media Group operates a network of web sites including,,, and among others. Additionally, the Company owns the Maximum Motoring Radio Show.

It is the intent of MXMI and BB2 management to immediately integrate the marketing resources and business model of MXMI with the content, services and subscriber base of BB2 to create several revenue steams. The assets of BB2 as a part of the Max Media Network (“MMN”) leaps MXMI’s business plan forward several years. Management believes that the BB2 assets, MXMI marketing resources and the MXMI web properties will prove to be an extremely successful combination.

James Grady President & CEO of Max Media Group, Inc. stated, “This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Max Media! If one was to look at the valuations of The Huffington Post, Facebook, and Groupon based on users, our valuation should be immediately impacted! Groupon reportedly turned down $6 billion from Google, based on 27 million registered users comes out to be over $200 per user ! Huffington was just purchased by AOL for $315 million. In terms of content producers that values each writer at over $5,000! Facebook at $65 billion works out to be a $1000 per user. I know there are obviously many different metrics that make up a valuation other then these. Combine our advertising model and niche markets with a value of just $10 per user I think you can see why we are so excited! ”

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