Generation Zero Group acquires physician online job board

Generation Zero Group’s newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary MedicalWork has merged with StaffMD.  As a result of the merger, the Company acquired StaffMD’s business known as, which is a leading online job-posting website for physicians. has been in business in excess of ten years, and its online job network also includes and

In addition to the job posting business, the Company acquired StaffMD’s portfolio of domain names.  This portfolio includes the URL which is currently directed to  Jeffrey Sisk, the founder of will remain in charge of MedicalWork, LLC, and the business after the merger.

The Company intends to aggressively manage as the online recruiting market continues to expand.  PhysicianWork will remain focused solely on the physician community.  The Company intends to monetize the portfolio of URL’s that were acquired in the transaction which include  This process may include licensing the URL’s or developing the URL’s internally or in some type of joint venture.

Commenting on the announcements, Generation Zero Group, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Matthew Krieg added, “Jeff Sisk has done a great job of building into a leader in its field.  PhysicianWork’s annual revenues have ranged between $700,000 and $1.7 million over the last five years and it is a high margin business.  We are focused on keeping the revenues at or above the high end of this range and utilizing the portfolio of URLs we acquired to develop new revenue sources.  If we are able to meet our goals with this acquisition and the acquisition from last summer, we hope to look to move the Company to a listing on a higher exchange as soon as we can meet the particular exchange’s criteria.”

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