Conditional acquisition of majority shareholding in Martis Consulting

SEC, the largest independent advocacy, public relations and integrated communications agency in the Italian market, has signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of a majority shareholding in a Polish company, Martis Consulting SP z o.o, in line with its stated acquisition strategy.

SEC are acquiring 60% of Martis Consulting and will pay EUR 1,046,718 on completion.  The final price to be paid will depend on Martis Consulting’s 2016 EBITDA. 

Martis Consulting has a strong track record in public and corporate affairs at national and European level. Its specialist consultants work in a range of sectors including oil and gas, energy and environment, financial services, health, housing, justice and legal, as well as property development and transport.   

 In the year ended December 2015, Martis Consulting had total assets of EUR 2,206,497 (of which EUR 1,935,798 represents non-current assets that included Land, Buildings and Securities and EUR 270,699 of current assets primarily represented by trade receivables; an equity of EUR 1,795,921, loans for a total amount of EUR 320,523, the remaining EUR 90,052 was represented by trade payables and other current liabilities, unaudited),  turnover of EUR 1,688,881 (unaudited) and Martis Consulting made profit before tax of EUR 285,620 (unaudited).

The acquisition of Martis Consulting is conditional on the spin-off of real estate, securities and bank loans previously held by Martis Consulting to a newco, and SEC will be only acquiring the remainder of the assets and liabilities.

Ewa Baldwiga and Dariusz Jarosz, directors of Martis Consulting, will retain their roles leading Martis Consulting, and at the same time Ewa Baldwiga and Dariusz Jarosz will be part of the management committee of the SEC, the committee whose members are all the managing directors of the SEC subsidiary companies. 

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