Intelligent Living Inc. acquires Israeli on-line brain games company, Mind360

intelligent livingFEEL Golf Co., Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Intelligent Living Inc., has acquired Mind360, a company which offers a series of scientifically developed online brain games targeted to improve cognitive skills and memory function. The games on Mind360 are aimed toward sharpening memory, increasing focus, building logical reasoning skills, increasing alertness and awareness, boosting productivity, and exercising the mind. Each player gets a virtual personal brain trainer that helps build up brain function.

Danny Aboody and co-founders Dr. Eran Chajut and Gil Steiner spent 2008 quietly building Mind360, a suite of brain-training games mind360that according to the company “help people boost overall well being and maximize their potential through online well-defined, entertaining cognitive training activities.”

Mind360 has over 10,000 users in every continent with more than 40 games. Sign-up is free and monthly or annual subscriptions are available.

USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL & Israel, Tel Aviv

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