Revenue and profit fall at Haynes

Haynes Publishing Group P.L.C has announced reduced revenue and profit in its preliminary unaudited results for the full financial year to May 2012.

  • Group revenue down 9% at £29.8 million (2011: £32.7 million)
  • Group operating profit of £5.1 million (2011: £7.7 million)
  • Group profit before tax of £4.7 million (2011: £7.2 million)

The Haynes Group comprises two geographical business segments UK & Europe and North America & Australia.

The UK & European business has headquarters in Somerset, UK and subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Romania and Sweden. The core business of the European operations is the publication and supply of automotive repair and technical information to the professional automotive markets as well as to the DIY aftermarkets in both a printed and digital format.

The North American & Australian business has headquarters near Los Angeles, California and publishes DIY repair manuals for cars and motorcycles in both a printed and digital format.

Read the full announcement here


UK, Somerset & USA, Los Angeles, CA

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