Intertek acquires environmental impact specialist RDC Environment

Intertek has acquired RDC Environment, which specialises in environmental impact measurement, life cycle analysis (LCA), carbon footprinting, eco-labeling, greenhouse gas inventory and energy auditing for consumer products companies, and water and waste management projects for both private and public companies.

RDC Environment, established in 1992 and managed by Bernard de Caevel and Michael Ooms, provides companies with environmental impact solutions for their products, raw materials or packaging. RDC Environment also carries out water footprint and environmental analysis for public authorities.

“The European expertise offered by Intertek-RDC enhances Intertek’s existing network of qualified experts located in Asia and North America, to provide a global service for environmental impact solutions for companies, products,packaging and supply chains,” said Christophe Liebon, Vice President of Intertek Environmental Impact Solutions.

“The market is growing in Europe, particularly in France where possible future legislation on environmental labeling and the obligation for companies with more than 5,000 employees to perform carbon footprinting are under consideration,” said Bernard de Caevel, RDC Environment.

France, Heudeboulville & Belgium, Brussels






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