Datran Media acquires social news site Allvoices

Datran Media, a digital marketing technology company, has acquired Allvoices, a social news sites with over 460,000 contributors and approximately 10 million unique visitors per month.

Launched in 2008, Allvoices allows users to report from anywhere, providing rich coverage from the local to the global perspective. Allvoices has a patent-pending technology that aggregates crowd-reported news events, which it organises by location, time and category, creating context for readers by bringing together relevant news stories, blogs, images and videos. This creates communities for like-minded individuals to share and discuss news by contributing and commenting on related text, video and images. The Allvoices media business publishes over 2,000 reports per day via its active-citizen user community and partners. These partners include Reuters, AFT (Agence France Presse) and cartoon and photo syndication networks.

Datran Media Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Vogt, stated, “We are very excited about the Allvoices acquisition, which provides us with tremendous access to talent and technology. The integration of socially generated content with our existing audience intelligence and content distribution allows us to provide solutions to our customers that address engagement, relevance, efficiency and a level of audience intelligence unparalleled in the industry. The customer-centric brands we work with share a common belief that intelligent audience-driven marketing is the key to effectively connecting with fans, subscribers and customers. Integrating Datran Media’s analytics across Allvoices now makes it possible for many millions of individuals to engage in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Obviously, this is a great benefit to our advertising partners, as it ensures the best audience reception and marketing results.”

Post-integration, Ms. Tareen, founder and CEO of Allvoices, will move into the role of SVP of Strategy for Datran Media at the parent-company level. Aki Hashmi, SVP and general manager of Allvoices, and David Warthen, VP engineering and chief technology officer of Allvoices, will continue to lead the Allvoices team. The remainder of the Allvoices team will maintain their roles and titles as they become a part of Datran Media. The integration of the Allvoices team and technologies will be completed as rapidly as possible to ensure maximum client value.

USA, New York, NY

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