Dynastar Ventures to acquire My Affordable Energy

Dynastar Ventures (www.dynastarventures.com), a direct selling company focused on the sale of electricity and natural gas services to commercial and residential customers, is acquiring My Affordable Energy, a Texas-based direct selling company focused on selling energy services.

“The acquisition of My Affordable Energy’s business is the launch pad for Dynastar’s entry into the energy services business through our proven direct sales and operational infrastructure,” stated Josh Henderson, Chairman and CEO of Dynastar.  “The deregulation of energy services over the past few years is very similar to what entrepreneurial telecommunications providers experienced in the 1990’s.  The decision to break up AT&T on a national basis is comparable to incumbent energy providers being deregulated to sell electricity and natural gas on a wholesale basis to our Regional Energy Providers.

Historically, the notion of “choice” from whom you purchase energy services was non-existent.  As a result prices were fixed and regulated. Deregulation has opened a new door to selling competitively priced energy services that many people were not aware existed.  Dynastar is positioning itself as the premier leader with a direct sales model to acquire energy services customers initially in Texas, Pennsylvania and New York and soon in many more states.”

USA, Louisville, KY & USA, Houston, TX

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