OpTerra Energy Group Acquires Aircon Energy

OpTerra Energy Group, a newly formed, energy service company, has acquired Aircon Energy, a comprehensive energy services company serving the California market. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Aircon Energy is a 36-year-old company based in Sacramento, CA that designs and constructs energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for large facilities of public and private sector customers.  Aircon has significant experience implementing energy conservation and generation solutions for cities, counties and school districts in California and surrounding states.  Aircon also assists clients in securing utility rebates, grants, and third-party project financing to further enhance the value of its projects.

OpTerra was established to become a leading national ESCO offering a comprehensive array of energy conservation services and technologies to public and private sector customers.  OpTerra is backed by the GFI Energy Group of Oaktree Capital Management

“We are pleased to join OpTerra’s growing portfolio of regional ESCOs,” said Don Rasberry, Aircon Energy president.   “Access to OpTerra’s operating platform will help us accelerate our growth and expand our service offerings.  The financial backing of Oaktree-managed funds will allow us to implement the larger projects our customers are increasingly demanding.”

“The Aircon team is an excellent fit for the OpTerra platform, and this transaction will enable them to expand their high quality coverage of California’s growing market for energy services,” said Raouf Abdel, OpTerra CEO. “OpTerra is rolling out a comprehensive set of service capabilities over a national footprint to provide energy efficiency and clean energy solutions to public and private sector customers.”

USA, Denver, CO & Sacramento, CA

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