Undertone acquires Online video ad distribution business Jambo Media

Undertone has acquired Jambo Media, one of the largest suppliers of online video advertising distribution and technology with more than 17 million unique viewers* per month. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Online video represents an exciting growth opportunity, with Piper Jaffray projecting 39 percent annual growth over the next five years to become a $5+ billion market. With this acquisition, Undertone adds Jambo’s video player and content management technology to its portfolio and gains the ability to create premium video inventory for a market in which current and future demand far outpaces available supply.

“While brand advertisers use video in traditional settings like television, it is under-utilized online,” said Mike Cassidy, CEO of Undertone. “Undertone’s goal is to help marketers ‘span the screens,’ putting video to work for brands on televisions, personal computers and mobile devices. Pairing video and display under a single management platform helps advertisers serve the right content in the right format to the right person, delivering results that impact the brand.”

Fortune 500 brands, including both advertisers and publishers, create a tremendous amount of content. Now, they will have a new distribution channel for in-stream video married with high-value, branded content. Undertone executes integrated campaigns across brand-safe sites from a single platform that includes key analytics to give marketers the ability to manage, measure and improve upon their campaigns.

“Our clients want to take advantage of online video, but not at the expense of brand safety,” said Erin Matts, Chief Digital Officer, OMD. “With this acquisition, Undertone can deliver the reach our brands need without sacrificing quality.”

USA, New York, NY

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