Zodiak close to completing on the acquisition of RDF

Sources close to the company claim Zodiak Entertainment’s acquisition of UK independent TV distributor RDF Media Group is almost complete and may close as early as this this week.

RDF was founded in 1993. Current shows include “Genius of Britain”, “Location Location Location”, “How the Other Half Live” and “Dickinson’s Real Deal”. The company was floated on AIM in May 2005 and subsequently was acquired by a consortium of the RDF management team and funds managed by Cyrte Investments BV. As a result RDF delisted from AIM on 2 February 2009. In the year to 31 January 2009, the Group generated revenues of approximately £131m.

The deal was originally expected to close almost two months ago. Reports say that it is a complex deal not helped by the fact that Zodiac is in incorporated in France, owned by an Italian operation and ofcourse RDF is UK incorporated.

Location: France, Paris and UK, London

Ref: F231109-471

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