Blockchalk raises around $1 million

Blockchalk, a free location based bulletin board, has announced in the Blockchalk blog that they have raised a significant round of seed financing. Around $1 million according to PE Hub.

The investors include Battery Ventures, Mitch Kapor, Harrison Metal, Founder Collective, Joshua Schachter, Josh Stylman, Tom McInerney, and David Liu.

Blockchalk’s announcment says, “We’ll be using this funding to build the next generation of BlockChalk and accelerate our vision, which is to help people connect with their neighbors and mobilize their local communities. We can’t share details yet, but we have some very big things planned. To reach our goals we’re hiring a team of talented engineers who are as excited about this vision as we are. First up, we’re looking for experienced iPhone developers and server-side engineers; details will follow shortly in a subsequent post.”

Location: USA, Menlo Park, CA

Ref: F231109-470

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