Swaptree.com raises $6 million

Swaptree.com, has completed a $6 million financing round led by Safeguard Scientifics, with participation from numerous private investors. The capital raised will be used for new hires and marketing initiatives focused on fueling growth. The new round of financing brings Swaptree.com’s total capital raised to date to $11.95 million.

“Swaptree.com is poised to become synonymous with the category of ‘online swap’ in the same way eBay has become synonymous with ‘online auctions’,” said Jeff Bennett, CEO of Swaptree.com. “I look forward to making Boston-based Swaptree.com an iconic Internet business and one that will positively impact the health of the planet.”

Swaptree.com its offers its members an easy, feel good way for people to recycle the stuff they have and get things they want while reducing consumption of new products.

The company has also announced that Jeff Bennett been named Chief Executive Officer. Bennett was the Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of NameMedia.

Location: USA, Boston, MA

Ref: F231109-462

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