Ebiquity Plc announces the acquisitions of Xtreme Information Services and Thomson Media Control

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-368
Ebiquity PLC is to create an international analytics and advertising monitoring business through the acquisition of Xtreme Information Services Limited. Xtreme provides an international advertising monitoring serice with a footprint in over 60 countries
Aprox. Value:  The total consideration for Xtreme will be £17.9m, consisting of a cash payment of £0.8m to be funded through the Placing of 1,375,000 new Ordinary Shares, the issue of 16,706,639 new Ordinary Shares at the Closing Price and the issue of Convertible Loan Notes with the right to convert into 13,802,861 Ordinary Shares. VS&A to hold 27.7% of Ebiquity’s issued Ordinary Shares following Completion.
Acquirer:  Ebiquity PLC
ACQ Web:  http://www.ebiquity.com/documents.asp  
Location:  United Kingdom, London
Region:  Europe
Description:  The UK’s largest media database. The Ebiquity media monitoring system captures the advertising and editorial that appears in all media. Each year Ebiquity captures the actual data from £3 billion of their clients’ media advertising expenditure.
Category:  Advertising, Database
Contact:  Michael Greenlees, Chief Executive Officer 
Vendor:  VS&A (a private equity fund managed by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (“VSS”)) and Xtreme’s management
Business Sold: Xtreme Information Services
Website: http://www.xtremeinformation.com
Location:  United Kingdom, London
Region:  Europe
Description:  Media intelligence source of global TV, press, radio, cinema, outdoor and internet advertising.
Category: Advertising, Database
Contact 1:  John Gordon, CEO
Contact 2:  Peter Banks, Finance Director 
Link: Regulatory Announcement
Ebiquity is also to strengthen its German advertising monitoring business through the acquisition of the remaining 50% interest in Thomson Media Control GmbH & Co KG (TMC), its advertising monitoring joint venture in Germany for a total consideration of £0.8m consisting of 1,451,330 new Ordinary Shares and £25,000 in cash.

A new £12.0m debt facility with Bank of Ireland which will become effective upon Completion of the acquisitions.

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