Social Games Developer Playdom invests USD$5 million in Social Gaming Company MetroGames



News – Fund Raising

MetroGames, a social gaming company headquartered has closed a USD$5 million investment from Playdom as part of MetroGames‘ Series A financing. The investment will be used to expand MetroGames‘ pipeline of games and continued development of its social gaming platform. MetroGames has added John Pleasants, Playdom‘s CEO, to its Board of Directors.

Contacts: Damian Harburguer, CEO of MetroGames
Location: Argentina , Buenos Aires
Category: Games
Link: Press Release

About Playdom

ACQ Web:
Location:  USA, Mountain View, CA
Region:  North America
Description:  Playdom’s lineup of games includes Sorority Life, Mobsters 2, Lil Farm Life, Tiki Farm, Tiki Resort, Wild Ones and Poker Palace.
Category:  Computer Games
Contact:  John Pleasants, CEO

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