Anametrix has acquired cloud-based business analytics service provider Nordic Research Corporation

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-358
Anametrix has acquired Nordic Research Corporation, an independent business analytics technology provider.  This acquisition extends Anametrix‘s ability to deliver cloud-based information visualization and predictive modeling of multiple online, offline and external databases.  As part of the agreement, Nordic Research founder Anders Olsson joins Anametrix as Chief Technical Officer.
Aprox. Value:  Undisclosed
Acquirer:  Anametrix
ACQ Web:
Location:  USA, San Diego, CA
Region:  North America
Description:  Anametrix, Inc. is a privately funded next generation business analytics company whose technology is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS).  A high-performance data management infrastructure handles data integration, statistical analysis, and other compute-intensive functions to seamlessly manage online, offline, and multi-channel corporate objectives.  Founded in 2009 by analytics industry expert Blaise Barrelet, Anametrixprovides cloud-based solutions that allow for quick and precise decision making from the correlation of vast amounts of data.
Category:  Analytics, Software
Contact 1:  Blaise Barrelet, Chief Executive Officer
Contact 2:  Anders Olsson, Chief Technical Officer (founder of Nordic Research)
Vendor:  Nordic Research Corporation
Vendor Web:
Location:  USA, San Diego, CA
Region:  North America
Description:  Provider of data collection, integration, visualization software, and services that enables organisations to access, integrate, and visualize their data.
Category: Analytics, Software
Link: Press Release

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