TA Associates to Acquire Majority Interest in eCircle

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FDN Database Reference:  F231109-295
Acquirer:  TA Associates
ACQ Web:  http://www.ta.com
Location:  United Kingdom, London
Region:  Europe
Description:  The firm has been an active investor in the European markets with numerous investments, including AVG Technologies, eDreams, Fotolia, GlobeOp Financial Services, IntercontinentalExchange, ION Trading Group, Jupiter Investment Management Group, Quotient Bioscience Group, SmartStream Technologies, Sophos Plc, Tempur-Pedic International and Weather Investments S.p.A.
Category:  Private Equity
Contact:  Jonathan Meeks, a Managing Director at TA Associates who will join eCircle’s Board of Directors 
Vendor:  eCircle
Vendor Web:  http://www.ecircle.com
Location:  Germany, Munich
Region:  Europe
Description:  Founded in 1999, eCircle provides a complete range of email marketing solutions. The company’s offerings include email marketing software, permission marketing databases and professional services for email marketing.
Category: Email, Marketing
Contact 1:  Volker Wiewer, CEO
Contact 2:  Dr. Mark Wössner, chairman of the supervisory board
Contact 3:  J. Morgan Seigler, a Senior Vice President
Aprox. Value:  Over €60 million
Details:  Private equity firm TA Associates has signed a definitive agreement for a majority investment of over €60 million in eCircle, one of the leading email marketing service providers worldwide. The substantial investment by TA will help the company extend its technology platform and expand into new products, services and markets.
Link: Press Release

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