Reframe It raises $2.2M fund company growth and expansion

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Database Reference:  F231109-318
Business:  Reframe It
Location:  USA, San Francisco, CA
Region:  North America
Business description:  Reframe’s technology enables users to comment on any online content, and to share those comments, with or without permission of the website, across sites with friends and colleagues via Twitter, Facebook, other social media sites, and by email. Reframe It offers publishers a branded community that allows websites to enable web annotation integrated into the site. Comments can be private, public, or visible only to certain groups, and users can see those comments in context as they browse the Web.
Category: Technology, Social Network
Contact:  Bobby Fishkin, founder and CEO
Investors:  Investors include the Sacramento Angels, the Sierra Angels, the North Bay Angels, the Silicon Valley Angels, Esther Dyson, Mark Walsh, John Schairer, Allen Miner and Daniel Zumino (Sierra Angel and Sacramento Angels led the round).

Amount raised:  An SEC filing shows that the company has raised $2.2 million so far of a $3.36 million round.
Details:  Reframe It, Inc., a leading provider of web technology services for annotating and building community around online content, today announced that the company has successfully closed a multi-million dollar financing round. The amount is undisclosed in the press release. Mark Walsh, former CEO of VerticalNet, and former CTO of the Democratic National Committee has joined Esther Dyson, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Howard Rheingold and others on Reframe It’s advisory board.


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