Search technology/targeted ad firm, Grapeshot has raised £1.5 million

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Database Reference:  F231109-286
Business:  Grapeshot
Location:  United Kingdon, London & Cambridge
Region:  Europe
Business description:  Grapeshot has a technology that can go into a page and pick out the significant words. Instead of manually assigning categories to different parts of the publisher’s site, which is a very time consuming process, Grapeshot has an automatic way to unpick the right words in a page and effectively target advertising to that context.

Category: Search, Advertising
Contact:  Dr. Martin Porter, founder and Chief Scientist
Investors:  IQ Capital Partners  Tim Schoonmaker (Odeon Cinemas CEO and Emap board member) and a group of angel investors.
Amount raised:  £1,500,000
Details:  Grapeshot has raised £1.5 million. Tim Schoonmaker, joins the Grapeshot board.

Link:  paidContent

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