Private Equity

Fusion has a unique and focussed expertise in the Media & Technology and Energy & Environmental Services sectors and we are known to and have worked for most of the Private Equity groups with interests in these sectors.

Our product portfolio for Private Equity clients today includes:

Sell Side Mandate

Fusion will co-ordinate the full Sale Process. Fusion has successfully acted for many funds on both the sell-side and buy-side and is fully conversant with the subtlely different negotiation positioning and other intricacies unique to Private Equity transactions.

Buy Side Mandate

Fusion is equally adept and experienced at masterminding the acquisition process in conjunction with the relevant legal, commercial and accounting due diligence teams.  Our exposure to over 70 transactions gives us some insight into the usual pitfalls in any process and how to avoid them and how to communicate issues carefully and successfully with the target company’s  shareholders and any new management team coming in.

Maintaining goodwill is the key to a successful completion and the vital ongoing relationship thereafter and we trust our attention to detail and ability to read the nuance of a situation is a positive in any deal.


A sector-specific valuation of an asset, division or business utilising our proprietary database of the latest international transactions and our in-depth knowledge of the individual buyers for certain types of business.

Strategic Review

Fusion provides a detailed strategic overview from a people, growth and shareholder valuation maximisation perspective.

Market Overview

A review of the state of play in specific sectors and relevant comment on specific M&A activity.

Due Diligence

A non-legal, commercial overview of a business from a valuation, financial and strategic position.


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