RapidFire acquires the In-Game Advertising Technology of IGA Worldwide

RapidFire Acquires the In-Game Advertising Technology of IGA WorldwideRapidFire, an in-game advertising company, has acquired IGA Worldwide‘s proprietary technology for delivering real-time advertisements inside of video games.

IGA Worldwide’s technology, known as the Radial Network™, enables brands and advertisers to reach gamers playing AAA game titles across console, computer, and mobile video games. Advertisements are streamed in real-time inside of a video game’s 3D environment on objects such as billboards, hoardings, buses, and posters – essentially any object where a gamer is likely to see an advert in real life.
As part of the deal, RapidFire will take ownership of the Radial Network™ ad servers and software development kits, and will immediately replace the pre-existing RapidFire in-game ad serving technology.

“We’re ecstatic about the deal and what it means for RapidFire’s growth,” says Jordan L. Howard, the 23 year old Founder and CEO. “IGA Worldwide was a pioneer in the in-game advertising industry, and spent many years perfecting their ad serving technology. With the Radial Network™ technology we’ll have a much more robust system, and will be able to provide unparalleled service to both our media buying clients and our game developer partners.”

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