Creston acquires DJM Digital Solutions

Creston plc has acquired 75 per cent of the share capital of DJM Digital Solutions Ltd, a UK-based digital healthcare agency for up to £1.8 million. DJM’s founder, Dominic Marchant who will remain as Managing Director.

£1.2 million is being paid in cash. Net current assets of £0.3 million is retained within DJM. There will be a final cash payment based on average profit to March 2015 of up to £1.8 million which will be payable in June 2015. From April 2018 onwards the minority shareholders in DJM will have a request to put option and from April 2020 onwards Creston will have a call option, both options are for the remaining 25 per cent of DJM for a maximum consideration of £2.4 million.

For the financial year ended 31 July 2012, DJM’s unaudited statutory accounts reported revenues of £0.6 million and a pro-forma profit before taxation of £0.2 million, including a normalised shareholder Managing Director salary. As at 31 July 2012 DJM had net assets of £0.5 million.

Creston’s Health division and DJM have had a successful trading relationship for the past year and already have many clients in common (including AstraZeneca, Abbott and Takeda) at a UK, European and global level.  Recent collaborations between DJM and Creston Health have already led to new client work with Leo Pharma, UCB and Pfizer.

Based in Richmond, Surrey, and founded in 2001 with the aim of creating digital technology solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, DJM employs 26 professionals with a broad spectrum of capabilities.

Commenting on the acquisition, Don Elgie, Group Chief Executive of Creston plc, said: “The healthcare industry has historically been very cautious about the use of digital marketing in light of the tight regulatory environment in which it operates. However, the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablets among physicians is revolutionising work practices and the pharmaceutical industry is having to adapt its marketing communications accordingly.

“In the UK, in an industry where digital has been adopted quite late compared to other business sectors, DJM is one of the largest and most respected independent digital healthcare agencies. Working with our other health companies, as part of Creston Health, we are confident that DJM will facilitate the continued growth of the division as digital becomes an ever-more significant element of our clients’ and prospective clients’ briefs.”

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