Hustler Acquires Sapphire Media

Adult entertainment media business Hustler has acquired Sapphire Media, a European distributor of adult content to television, VOD and wireless devices. The new parent entity for Sapphire Media is LFP Media BV.

Sapphire Media International BV distributes 7 adult channels across Europe, including Blue Hustler, Hustler TV, HustlerHD/3D and Daring!TV to over 900 distribution partners. It is a provider of adult content to IPTV, VOD and mobile operators. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam.

“We started working with Sapphire to bring Hustler TV to Europe back in 2005 and within a month we were the mostly widely distributed adult network there thanks in a large part to their efforts,” said Michael H. Klein, President, Hustler. “Based on our strong relationship with them and the prospects for future growth, we felt bringing the Sapphire team on board full time as part of our Broadcasting Group was the smartest move for us.”

USA, Beverly Hills, CA & The Netherlands, Amsterdam

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