Martini Media acquires TDP Media Group

Martini Media has acquired TDP Media Group, a London-based European digital media company.

The two companies have operated a partnership since December 2010, and since that time Martini has used the presence in Europe to attract such clients as Phillips, Canon, Harrods and Porsche.

“We’re making possible a more effective way to mass market—starting with the most influential people and working out,” said Erik Pavelka, COO of Martini Media. “Because we aggregate the niche sites where uber-influencers go first for content and community in their passion areas, we offer a way for marketers to gain critical mass quickly. For publishers, we create a pipeline to premium advertising they wouldn’t normally get. Buying TDP gives us the stable base we need to expand rapidly in Europe and beyond.”

The combined network includes such advertisers as American Express, Burberry, Dell, Emirates and UPS. Lifestyle publishers include Bloginity, World Golf Tour, and Gayot, and B2B publishers include Reed Elsevier, United Business Media, and Architizer.

USA, New York, NY & UK, London

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