Financial information and services company iFinix has acquired Oakbridge Management

iFinix Corporation, a provider of real-time financial information and services to active traders and to the securities industry, has acquired a majority ownership of Oakbridge Management.

iFinix has acquired a 51% controlling interest in Oakbridge Management, Inc., a New York-based private investment firm for 250 million restricted shares. As a result, iFinix’ Balance Sheet now reflects additional assets of approximately 3 million dollars. This represents exponential growth in the company’s asset value; which in turn, should allow the company to obtain future financing and move aggressively towards completion of its 2011 business goals.

CEO Benhope Munroe stated, “The successful completion of this acquisition is projected to allow iFinix a vehicle to obtain operating capital and flexibility to expand the company’s subsidiaries. We are pleased to announce this acquisition to our shareholders and re-confirm our original commitment to pursue avenues that enhance shareholder value by meeting and exceeding our stated goals. As noted in our recent conference call, the increase in authorized shares was done for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions. iFinix has no plans to conduct a reverse split.”

USa, Plainview, NY

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