MMAX Media merges With Hyperlocal Marketing

MMAX Media has merged with Hyperlocal Marketing, an early stage location based mobile marketing company.  In conjunction with the merger, MMAX Media received private funding of $250,000.

According to Ed Cespedes, Chairman and CEO of MMAX Media, “We will now focus MMAX on the rapidly developing opportunities presented by the broad and constant access to the Internet from virtually everywhere.  Whether accessing the Internet on desktop computers or from mobile devices, vast numbers of consumers are always ‘online.’  We believe this ‘always on’ dynamic provides for significant marketing opportunities.”

Mr. Cespedes continued, “Specifically, MMAX plans to launch beta testing of its SOCIAL INCOME product known as “PAYMEON” in the coming weeks.  The constant access to the Internet and the powerful social networking tools available to consumers have proliferated recommendations and referrals of “deals” across the Internet.  Deal sites have grown significantly as consumers “pass on” deals that they like.  Our philosophy is simple:  we believe that consumers should be paid – in cash – for all the work they do to create successful referrals.”

USA, Florida, Fort Lauderdale

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