UberMedia acquires Mixx.com

UberMedia,  the   independent  provider  of  applications  for  reading  and  posting  to  Twitter  and  other  social  media   platforms,  has  announced  its  acquisition  of  Mixx.com. Mixx  has  been  a  leader  in  curating  social   content  into  channels  of  information  that  enable  users  to  find  content  and  people  who  are   relevant  to  their  interests. UberMedia  plans  to  add  these  channels  to  its  family  of  apps,   including  UberTwitter,  Twidroyd  and  Echofon.

“Mixx  has  done  a  tremendous  job  of  pulling  together  content  from  around  the  Twittersphere   and  other  social  media  platforms  and  assembling  it  in  a  way  that  makes  it  easier  and  more   enjoyable  for  users  to  see  things  they  wouldn’t  otherwise  be  exposed  to,”  said  Bill  Gross,  CEO   of  UberMedia. “By  applying  their  technology  and  talent  toward  developing  channels  for  our   apps,  we’ll  be  able  to  bring  engaging  content  right  to  your  phone  alongside  your  timeline.”

UberMedia  is  headquartered  at  Idealab in  Pasadena,  CA.

USA, Pasadena, CA

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