Repucom acquires Image Impact

Repucom America, the provider of broadcast content measurement in the United States, has acquired Image Impact.

The operational merging of Repucom and Image Impact will be undertaken over the next six months and will bring a consolidated, single voice to the measurement of content in the US and Global sports market.

In announcing the deal, the CEO of Repucom, Paul Smith praised the Founder of Image Impact, Russ Cline, and his team for their efforts in building a very effective business.

“Ten years ago Russ Cline revived the role of broadcast content analytics in sports marketing in the United States by bringing sound methodology and process to the largest sports media market in the world,” said Mr. Smith. “The opportunity to work in partnership with Russ and his entire team at Image Impact was one that made strategic, commercial and financial sense,” he added.

Russ Cline, CEO of Image Impact is delighted with the arrangement.  “In the last two years we have seen the US sports market becoming far more aligned with global research trends and initiatives.  We have sought to be part of a truly global business model and the opportunity with Repucom was ideal,” said Mr. Cline.

Through this transaction Image Impact will become part of RSMG Insights along with Sport+Markt AG and Repucom.  RSMG Insights is the largest specialist sports marketing research agency in the world.

USA, New York, NY & Kansas City, KS

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