ISG acquires Compass

Information Services Group, an information-based services company, has acquired Compass, the United Kingdom-based independent global provider of business and information technology benchmarking, performance improvement, data and analytics services.

The acquisition unites ISG unit TPI, the sourcing data and advisory firm, with a leading global brand for benchmarking. Together, TPI and Compass will have more than five decades of global leadership in information and advisory services, more than 600 employees in 21 countries on six continents, and a track record of significant achieved or identified client savings.

“We are pleased to welcome Compass into our company, immediately enhancing the data, analytics and advisory capabilities we can deliver to our clients.  By combining an approach grounded in real-time data collection and fact-based analysis, TPI and Compass can together take advantage of the robust demand for insight and operational expertise required by our clients around performance improvement and transformational change in these organizations,” said Michael P. Connors, Chairman and CEO of ISG. “Importantly, this acquisition also represents the next step in executing our strategy of building ISG into a premier global information-based services company.”

“The combination of ISG, TPI and Compass is strategically powerful, timely and capable of creating substantial growth opportunities over the near and long term,” continued Connors.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in the UK, Compass has 180 employees in 16 countries including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia, serving nearly 250 clients worldwide. The company pioneered the aggregation and application of sophisticated metrics to understand root causes of organizational performance issues. Today, the company provides state-of-the-art benchmarking and analysis as well as transformational consulting services to global blue-chip clients such as Credit Agricole, HSBC, ING, Kraft, Old Mutual, Sony and Total.

In addition to global data and analytic capability, Compass’ Fact-Based Consulting® unit generates tangible improvements in client businesses through sourcing advisory programs, recommendations in operational excellence and support in implementing transformational change in business operations. Compass uses benchmarking to support fact-based decision making, analysis to optimize cost reduction, and tools and techniques to manage business performance.

“We see great opportunities for Compass to provide ISG with a new platform of information and data-based advisory capabilities to capture additional market share, grow revenue, increase our returns and fuel future acquisitions,” added Connors. “Together, we have the world’s foremost database of performance improvement benchmarking and sourcing metrics that will provide global reach for sales, project execution and advisory services– real data from real clients.”

“Compass is delighted to be joining ISG and we look forward to partnering with expanded resources and services for the benefit of our clients,” said David Whitmore, CEO of Compass, who also becomes ISG Vice Chairman. “ISG is well-known and respected in the global information services industry. Its people are committed to driving the growth of our business so we can better serve the needs of our clients and our employees in partnership with TPI.”

ISG is acquiring Compass from its current shareholders who include the founder, Olof Soderblom, senior management and a syndicate of private investors. Marek Gumienny, an investor in Compass and Chairman of Candover Partners, a UK based private equity firm, has agreed to purchase an additional 500,000 shares of ISG following the consummation of the transaction. This will bring his ISG holdings up to approximately 4.7% of the total outstanding shares.

UK, Surrey & USA, Stamford, CT

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