Publishers Clearing House acquires

Publishers Clearing House has acquired Funtank and its casual and branded gaming property Funtank will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Publishers Clearing House and maintain its current offices in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. Funtank will continue to be led by co-founders, James Baker and Scott Tannen. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Candystand and the Funtank team will be key in driving Publishers Clearing House’s social, mobile and web game development capabilities and provide our advertisers with more scale and reach across the online gaming audience,” said Josh Glantz, vice president and general manager of PCH Online. “We look forward to combining our unique media offerings as well as promotional and sweepstakes expertise with their creativity to reach new audiences, deliver new experiences and develop new businesses. Integrating Candystand into our offerings will also enhance our ability to deliver a wider range of opportunities for consumers to play and win in addition to our traditional sweepstakes.” was acquired by Funtank from Wrigley in 2008. Since its launch by Nabisco’s Life Savers Company in 1997, the site has built a substantial audience by delivering online games of the highest quality. In most cases, these games are branded and sponsored by some of the world’s top brands. By adding the Funtank team to its fold, Publishers Clearing House strengthens its emerging casual gaming business, enhances its unique advertising offerings and will help to attract, retain and build even bigger audiences across the web as well as social and mobile platforms.

“Joining forces with Publishers Clearing House will be outstanding for our Company, our clients and most importantly, our users,” said Funtank president and co-founder Scott Tannen. “We look forward to working with them to not only extend the reach and visibility of our integrated marketing programs, but to also bring our loyal audiences loads of new content and ways to win. In concert with the PCH team, the Candystand and Funtank brands will aggressively expand into the mobile and social media spaces, creating unparalleled branding entertainment opportunities for our clients.”

USA, New York, NY

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