A Fusion Deal: eLitigation business Legal Inc is acquired by Grant Thornton

Legal Inc Ltd has been acquired by Grant Thorton as a key addition to its Forensic Team.   Established in 2005 and based in London, Legal Inc is the leading independent UK specialist in eLitigation, eDisclosure and eCourt services.

Legal Inc is able to handle and decipher huge complicated files for its accounting and legal and government clients.  As the company says: ” Our aim is always to be an ally in the fast-changing world of information management, where our know-how and, experience and market awareness can assist you in you in meeting today’s challenges.  The exponential growth of edata, the impact of disruptive technologies and a changing rulebook make for a ‘shifting sands’ environment. Add in operational pressures that revolve around efficiency, risk, cost control and client satisfaction and you can understand why so many organisations look to leverage Legal Inc to improve legal delivery and enhance business returns.”


Paul Slight was the Partner responsible for the transaction.  Fusion acted exclusively for the shareholder vendors.

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