Adult web business 7 Star Entertainment secures $10 Million financing from Kodiak Capital Group

7 Star Entertainment, Inc., an independent online entertainment dating company has signed an Investment Agreement with Kodiak Capital Group, LLC of New York for a $10 million equity facility, the funding of which will be contingent upon the Company achieving certain conditions.

Upon successful completion of the required conditions and subsequent receipt of the funds, the Company plans to use the funding for the online marketing and growth of its flagship product and the build-out of its existing online portfolio. The Company’s business plan projects growth through national and international marketing, the utilization of time-tested marketing strategies and through the acquisition of similar online properties.

Joseph Daleo Jr., 7 Star’s President and CEO commented, “The facility offered to us by Kodiak is sure to put us on the frontline of the ‘online dating community’ by developing our database and technology, creating an aggressive marketing budget for consumer awareness and enhancing our brand recognition. We plan to continuously enhance our sites and servers by utilizing our latest proprietary technology; ultimately improving the end user’s online experience while simultaneously increasing shareholder value.”

Location: USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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