Wilmington in talks to acquire Dods

According to The Sunday Times, Wilmington is in talks to acquire Dod’s Parliamentary Guides and The House Magazine in a deal said to be valued at around £20 million – based on an estimated price per share of 15p. The stock closed on Friday at 10.5p per share. According to The Sunday Times report, due diligence is currently underway and the deal may still be several weeks away.

Dod’s has provided contact and biographical information about and to the Houses of Parliament and the Civil Service since 1832. In 2002 Huveaux PLC acquired Vacher Dod Publishing Ltd. In 2004 Huveaux PLC also acquired Parliamentary Communications Ltd and merged it with Vacher Dod Publishing to form Dod’s Parliamentary Communications. This brought the Vacher Dod books and the House Magazine, the Parliamentary Monitor, Parliament Magazine, Whitehall and Westminster World and ePolitix.com under one imprint. Vacher’s Parliamentary Companion was renamed Vacher’s Quarterly. Famously, in over 173 years Vacher’s has never missed an issue.

Shareholders of Dods include Mike Danson of Progressive Digital Media and former owner of Datamonitor (sold to Informa) and Schroders.

Location: UK, London

Ref: F231109-482

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