EA Technology Ventures has appointed Stuart Thompson as managing director

EA Technology Ventures has appointed Stuart Thompson as managing director. EA technology Ventures is a specialist company which works with businesses and investors from the clean and new energy sector to take innovative ideas to market. It is a subsidiary of the EA Technology Group, which is based in England’s Northwest and has over 40 years’ of research and development in the electricity industry.

Stuart brings together a wealth of experience from the engineering, electricity and telecommunications sectors, and has worked alongside several of the world’s leading solutions providers in the development of high specification telecom and data networks.

In his previous role, as Head of Business Development at EA Technology Consulting, Stuart was instrumental in increasing the revenues of the business by over 100%.

Stuart is on the committees of the Institute of Asset Management and the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is a Chartered Marketer with an MBA and is also a member of the Institute of Directors.

Location: UK, Chester

Ref: F231109-476

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