The US M&A Market Heats Up

According to a report from The Jordan, Edmiston Group, the M&A market for media, information, marketing services, education and related technologies in the USA rebounded strongly in the first half of 2010, led by digital and technology‐driven businesses. 445 transactions with a total value of $21 billion were announced, reflecting a 52% increase in deal volume and a 291% surge in deal value over 1H 2009 levels.

Overall, six market sectors saw strong growth in M&A in the first half: B2B Online Media (number of deals up nearly 4x), B2C Online Media (+64%), Business‐to‐Business Media (up nearly 4x), Database & Information Services (+90%), Marketing & Interactive Services (+96%), and Mobile Media & Technology (+188%).

For more information see the Press Release.

Ref: F231109-524

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