Web.com is acquiring Register.com for $135 million

Web.com is acquiring Register.com for $135 million. Register.com is a portfolio company of private equity company Vector Capital. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter.

Register.com is a leading provider of global domain name registration and complementary website design and management services.  The acquisition by Web.com will create one of the largest online marketing and web services companies serving small businesses.

In November 2005, Vector Capital partnered with the Register.com management team to take the company private. As a private company, Register.com divested a non-strategic division and created a new growth division to enhance customer service capabilities and broadening product offerings.

“Register.com is the most recent example in Vector’s long history of partnering with management to realize significant value by transforming and growing technology companies”, said Amish Mehta, Partner at Vector Capital “This is an exciting development for all stakeholders, including customers, Web.com shareholders, management, and employees. In addition, the sale of Register.com combined with the proceeds received from 2006 and 2007 recapitalizations of the company creates a great outcome for Vector’s investors.”

Location: USA, San Francisco, CA

Ref: F231109-504

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