Optimum Interactive is to acquire The ZOI Greek Telephone Directory

Optimum Interactive is set to close on the acquisition of ZOI — The Greek Telephone Directory. Optimum will immediately integrate the operations of ZOI by establishing a new division called CelectMedia.

The ZOI Greek Telephone directory is a national publishing and media provider for the Greek community, uniting fraternities and sororities with an annual lifestyle guide and directory. ZOI will bring a proven advertising revenue model onto the Celect.org system, now serving 1,200 clients and 1.5 million unique members.

“We expect to increase our sales for 2010 and 2011 by more than $2.5 million annually via the acquisition,” said Mark Anderson, President of Celect.org. “ZOI will bring significant expertise and marketing synergies from its robust organizational client database and campus directories.”

The ZOI Greek Telephone Directory maintains a strong presence in over 70 universities nationwide. ZOI’s website (http://www.thezoi.com) offers user generated content and executive networking functionality. The Company was founded fifteen years ago and is based in Los Angeles, California.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to leverage the Celect.org platform and web-based system tools and are looking forward to what should prove to be a tremendous lift to both businesses,” said Larry Tollin, CEO of The ZOI.

Location: USA, Los Angeles, CA

Ref: F231109-506

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